That tempting aroma of mixed spice coming from the bakery means Easter is here. We have an array of hot cross buns in traditional and assorted flavours to choose from.

Did you know, we are now using Certified Sustainable palm oil in our in-store made Hot Cross Buns this year, following up our promise from last year. We are committed to moving to 100% certified sustainable palm oil by 2015 in all our own brand products. We know this is an important issue for our customers and we are working with our suppliers to make the transition.


All the delicious spices of a traditional hot cross bun without the fruit. Available in 6pk.

Minimilk Chocolate

Rich in Cadbury milk chocolate, these small buns are sure to be a hit with the kids. Available in 9pk.

Mini Traditional

For when you just want a little treat, try the award-winning traditional hot cross bun in a mini size. Available in 9pk.

Indulgent Sticky Date and Caramel
Indulgent Sticky Date and Caramel

This variety of hot cross bun has a delicious mix of sticky dates and caramel pieces. Available in 4pk.

Indulgent Triple Choc

New to the range, this bun is made with a decadent mix of Dutch cocoa, as well as dark and white chocolate. Available in 4pk.


Our famous extra-soft traditional hot cross buns are mad with 100 per cent Australian flour and fruit, as well as the perfect blend of spices. Choose from a single bun or 6pk.

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