Aussie Animals

Discover the NEW Limited Edition Baby Wildlife Aussie Animals

There are 36 brand NEW limited edition baby wildlife Aussie Animals cards to collect this Christmas.

Created in partnership with Taronga Zoo the new baby Aussie Animals cards have their own mini- album which slots right into the original album or you can store the new album on it’s own. To learn more about the baby wildlife Aussie Animals cards and mini album watch our How To Video.

Collecting the new baby Aussie Animals cards is easy - you get one pack of four cards FREE with every $20 you spend at Woolworths. If you’re wanting specific cards to complete your collection, you can trade your cards with friends at the Swap Zone on our Facebook page.

Of course, there’s more to Aussie Animals than just collecting them. Head over to Aussie Animals Fun, for heaps of great games and activities to play with your cards. Or visit Fresh Recipe Ideas page and make some great Aussie Animals party food.

How To Video - Learn More

Watch this video to see how you can collect, organise and present your new baby wildlife Aussie Animals cards.

Trade Your Cards

Find out how you can trade your cards to complete your Aussie Animals collection.

Fresh Recipe Ideas - Be Inspired

Looking for some fun recipes? Follow the crocodile to our recipe page.

Aussie Animals Fun

We've got lots of great Aussie Animals activities and games for you to enjoy!

Taronga Zoo Partnership

Read more about how Woolworths is working with Taronga Zoo

Have A Question - Find Answers

Got a question about Aussie Animals? This page may hold the answer.

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