Help - Checkout, coupons, delivery & pickup

General Tips

When you have finished adding products to your trolley and are ready to check out, Click the CHECKOUT button above the product list in the trolley. During the checkout process, you will be able to:

• Review your order

• Choose your time of delivery

• Make specific instructions to your Personal Shopper and to your delivery person

• Pay for your order

Throughout the checkout process you can access the following pages or functions and then return to checkout to complete your order:






Checking Out

Reviewing Your Order

When you first go to CHECKOUT, a review page appears. This is a detailed view of your trolley. Take a moment to double check what you are going to order as well as the quantities and prices of the items. The subtotal at the bottom represents the cost of your order before delivery fees are added. The total includes the delivery fee for fulfilment of your order. The TOTAL is the amount that you will be charged for your order.

Modifying Your Order

When reviewing your order, you may want to add or delete items. You can still do this by changing the quantity in the boxes to the left of each item. If you want to add a new item, just click on EXIT CHECKOUT & CONTINUE SHOPPING, find what you need and add it to your trolley before returning to checkout. Clicking on ‘X’ in CHECKOUT resets to the quantity of an item to ‘0’ – reference of the item is removed when you process your order. If you make an adjustment to the quantity, click on UPDATE CHANGES to save your changes.


After reviewing your order and making any necessary changes, click on NEXT to move to the next screen. Here you specify a delivery date and time. You can also make comments and specific instructions to your Personal Shopper and your delivery person.

Your Comments/Instructions

You will notice two boxes with their own scroll bars. These enable you to write specific instructions and comments to:

Your Personal Shopper

The personal shopper will hand pick the items you have ordered. To help us meet your specific needs, please type into this box any special details or requirements for choosing produce, meats, etc. (eg: you may like your bananas on the green side or extra ripe.)

Your Delivery Person

The person who will deliver your order. If there is a special safe place where you would like your order left for you (e.g. on the back porch), if the driver needs to buzz a number at your unit entrance or call a number, please enter details in this box.


Deliveries can be booked up to 7 days in advance. To select your delivery day and time, click on the day and time which suits you. Once selected the time will be highlighted and ticked.

Disclaimer & Terms & Conditions

You must tick to accept the Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions before proceeding. By ticking this box you agree you have read the Terms & Conditions and agree to them.

Please refer to the delivery schedule for delivery prices as these can vary by area.


You can pay for your order using a Credit Card/Debit Card:

We accept all major Credit Cards. Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners. Simply follow the prompts on screen to enter your details.

Should there be any issues confirming your payment you will be presented with an error message informing you of the issue. (ie: invalid card expiry date)

If you choose to save your Credit Card details you will still be required to enter your CVV number as a security precaution prior to submitting your payment.


Once you have passed through checkout you will receive an order confirmation containing:

• Your order number

• Scheduled Delivery Date and Time

• Items purchased

• Total Cost (broken down by subtotal and delivery fee)

You can print a copy of this page for your records.

Additional Options

Allow for Substitutions Box

You have the option of ticking the ALLOW SUBSTITUTIONS box. Ticking the box means that your Personal Shopper is able to make a reasonable substitution if an item you have selected is unavailable. A substitution will only be made if there is another product very similar to the item originally selected.

For example, if you want a certain brand of lite milk and it’s unavailable, we could substitute a different brand of milk but it would still be lite milk. If you do not tick the box, no substitutions will be made and you will be refunded for the unavailable item.

Everyday Rewards Card

Everyday Rewards Card holders are prompted to enter in their Everyday Rewards Card number. Ensuring that your Everyday Rewards Card number is entered will generate the relevant fuel discount accrual on your account.


If you have an online shopping Coupon, enter it into the COUPON section to apply the product or delivery discount to your order. The final confirmation screen will confirm if it has been accepted.

Coupons can only be used where the value of the order is for more than the coupon value, any coupon used where the order value is less than the coupon value, the remainder of the coupon value will be lost.

Coupons are issued per customer and are valid only for the customer issued. Woolworths may cancel a coupon promotion at any time without notice.

Save It

Your order will be saved automatically as a Past Order, but if you want to save this order as a specific list you can do so in the SAVE ORDER AS LIST section.

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