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The sections below are summaries of certain provisions of the full Terms & Conditions that apply to Woolworths Online.

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Fresh Food Guarantee - 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our fresh food

We are so confident in the freshness of your delivery that we will refund any items that you are not totally satisfied with.

Delivery Policy

If you have been charged for any product which hasn't been delivered, we will refund the value of that product to you.

If however any product has been picked mistakenly by our team, we reserve the right to pick up the product, or we will refund the value of product you originally ordered to you.

Substitution Policy

If a product you ordered is not available, we will try to substitute that product for a similar product of equal or higher value, but will only charge you the price of the product you originally ordered.

Only as a last resort, we may substitute with a lower value product. In this case, we will only charge you for the lower value product.

'No Substitutes' Option

If you prefer, you may specify that you do not want to allow product substitutions, by de-selecting the ALLOW SUBSITUTIONS box at the online checkout.

Invoicing Policy

If you are invoiced an incorrect amount for any product ordered, an adjusting payment must be made by you, or will be made by us, as the case may be, to reflect the correct amount which should have been invoiced.

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